A view of a tropical island from a mountain top

Yacht Types

Two women relaxing on the bow of a yacht

Sailing Catamarans

Catamarans are spacious and roomy and can be quite comfortable for everyone. Large seating areas inside the boat and outside in the cockpit. Due to the width of these boats, they offer superior stability.

A family eating lunch on a yacht

Sailing Monohulls

Looking for that thrill or adventure of slicing through the water on a nice comfortable heel? Then a monohull is a great option for you. Below deck, our monohulls offer the comforts of home and above deck, rigged for great performance.

A man and woman lounging on the deck of a catamaran

Power Catamarans

Power Catamarans are perfect for those that like to get there faster and may not know how to sail. Space and stability are also wonderful characteristics of these luxury vessels.

A man and woman relaxing on the stern of a boat

Powerboats (Monohulls)

Don’t worry about which direction the wind is blowing from.  Plan to visit many destinations in a short time. Our new fleet of powerboats offers these options.