Meet Els: Our new Crewed Charter Specialist

Q: You’ve recently joined Waypoints Yacht Charters. Could you tell us a bit about your background as a Crewed Charter Specialist?

A: Absolutely! My career as a Crewed Charter Specialist has been a lifelong adventure, anchored in my passion for the sea and sailing. My story began in 2000 when I arrived in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) after sailing for 2 incredible years throughout the Caribbean with my husband. I visited numerous Caribbean islands during this sailing adventure, including the Bahamas and the Grenadines, so I have knowledge of these islands too.

I became a charter chef on a crewed catamaran in the BVI, and this experience allowed me to gain a profound understanding of the charter industry inside and out. From provisioning and cooking gourmet meals to ensuring a seamless and unforgettable sailing experience, I learned the ropes firsthand.

Following my charter experience as a chef, I made the BVI my home, settling in the picturesque Brewers Bay, where I live and work. Working from this lovely bay, I’ve developed strong bonds with charter clients, providing them with expert advice, customized service, and vital insider knowledge of the British Virgin Islands’ breathtaking waters.

Q: What led you to start working with Waypoints?

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A: That’s easy! The opportunity to join a fantastic team was what drew me to Waypoints Yacht Charters. I already know and admire most of the people at Waypoints BVI, so I feel right at home. These amazing colleagues represent the spirit of quality, devotion, and excitement for providing first-rate customer service. Waypoints is a boutique Charter Company with extremely high customer service standards. This ensures that every client’s experience is nothing short of outstanding. This approach fits seemingly with my standards and working style. Customer service is key for the crewed all-inclusive charters as well.

Q: That’s wonderful, Els! Can you share what you can offer clients looking to book a crewed charter through Waypoints?

A: Of course! When clients work with me, they gain access to my extensive knowledge of the BVI. I know these waters like the back of my hand. So, I can provide insider tips on the best destinations, anchorages, bars, and restaurants. Over the years, I also have established close relationships with the crews of various yachts. At the 2019 USVI boat show, I received the award for “Fun Broker of the Year” from all of the crews, which tells me they like to work with me as well. This ensures top-notch service and unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Whether you’re seeking secluded coves, vibrant nightlife, active watersports, or gourmet dining, I can offer tailored recommendations to ensure your vacation is nothing short of extraordinary.

Q: Waypoints offers Crewed All-Inclusive Charters. Can you explain what this means and why it’s such a fantastic option for clients?

A: All-inclusive charters are very different from bareboat charters. Clients get to sail on a luxurious private yacht with a professional crew, who handles everything – from provisioning, cooking and cleaning to navigation, maintenance, and entertainment. It’s pure relaxation and adventure combined.

An all-inclusive crewed charter includes a professional crew, such as a captain and chef, and luxurious accommodations with private cabins and en-suite bathrooms. You will be served 3 gourmet meals and snacks every day, according to your preferences, as well as unlimited beverages and cocktails. Water sports such as paddleboards, kayaks, waterskis, tubes, and so on are also included, as are running expenses like fuel, water, ice & mooring fees, cruise permits, and taxes.

Q: Why do you think Waypoints clients will love working with you to book a crewed all-inclusive charter?

A: It’s all about making your dreams come true. I’m here to plan special trips that fit what you really love and want. With my years of experience, you can trust that your sailing adventure will be super amazing. But there’s something very important to remember – the crew on the boat is the most important part of your trip. Matching your expectations with the right crew is a big part of what I do. What makes me stand out from other brokers is that I know the area, the crews, and the job really well. This means I can make sure you get a sailing vacation that’s customized just for you.

Q: That sounds incredible, Els! How can clients get in touch with you to start planning their dream charter?

A: It’s easy! Clients can reach out to me through the contact inquiry form on the website, and we’ll start planning their adventure right away. Click on the button below and let’s set sail on the vacation of a lifetime together!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable crewed all-inclusive charter in the Virgin Islands or the rest of the Caribbean, Els Kraakman is your go-to expert. Reach out to her today, and let the adventure begin!

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