ASA Sailing Courses

How to Become a Sailor with Waypoints ASA Sailing Courses

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a skilled sailor? With Waypoints Yacht Charters’ ASA sailing courses, you can develop and grow your sailing skills while enjoying some of the best sailing in Annapolis, St. Petersburg, and the USVI. 

We are proud to offer four ASA courses designed to take you from basic keelboat sailing to captaining a catamaran in just a few days.

For us, there’s truly nothing like the freedom of being able to take your own charter yacht exactly where you want, when you want. 

With a few sailing courses under your belt, that freedom is yours to enjoy. For more on our courses, misconceptions about learning to sail, and our ASA affiliation, read on!

Debunking 5 Misconceptions About Learning to Sail

With years of experience in sailing education and countless students who have successfully completed our courses, we’ve encountered plenty of misconceptions about learning to sail. 

These misunderstandings often deter aspiring sailors from being able to enjoy the freedom of a bareboat yacht charter, as well as their lifelong goals of yacht ownership. Before we get into the sailing classes we offer, let’s take a minute to address and debunk these common myths to help you see the true benefits and feasibility of learning to sail.

1. “Learning to sail takes a lot of time.”

Our ASA sailing courses are designed to be efficient, ensuring you gain essential skills within a manageable timeframe. As you’ll see below, our courses take just two or three days to complete. 

With our expert instructors and well-structured lessons, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can become a competent sailor.

2. “Trustworthy sailing courses are hard to find.”

Given the abundance of sailing schools, it’s understandable that finding a reputable one might seem daunting. 

Waypoints Yacht Charters’ ASA certification guarantees internationally recognized standards, ensuring you receive the highest quality instruction available. 

3. “Classes aren’t offered at convenient times.”

Many people assume that sailing courses are only available during limited times of the year that might not fit into their busy schedules. 

We offer our ASA sailing courses all year long, making it easy for you to fit sailing lessons into your routine.

4. “I’m too young/old to take a sailing course.”

At Waypoints Yacht Charters, we believe that sailing is a skill that can be learned at any age. Through our collaboration with ASA, students as young as 16 can receive their certifications. 

Our courses are designed to cater to a wide range of ages and skill levels, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the thrill of sailing.

5. “Courses don’t use realistic boating scenarios.”

Some believe that sailing courses are conducted in ideal conditions that don’t reflect real-world challenges.

From handling various weather conditions to navigating busy waterways, our courses equip you with the skills needed for true sailing competence.

Why Our ASA Affiliation Matters

Choosing an ASA-affiliated sailing school like Waypoints Yacht Charters ensures you receive the best possible instruction. 

Our affiliation with the American Sailing Association (ASA) signifies our commitment to excellence and quality in sailing education. 

Here’s how it will benefit you on your way to becoming a better sailor:

  • Internationally Recognized Standards – ASA certification is recognized worldwide, which means your credentials are respected no matter where you choose to sail.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum – The ASA curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of sailing, from basic seamanship to advanced cruising techniques.
  • Expert Instructors and Modern Fleet – Our ASA-affiliated courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Additionally, you’ll train on modern, well-maintained yachts equipped with the latest technology, ensuring a safe and comfortable learning environment. You can see a few examples of those vessels here.

Learn To Sail With Our ASA Sailing Courses

Our classes are held in some of the finest sailing destinations, including Annapolis, MD, the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, and St. Petersburg, FL. 

For those looking to learn individually, we offer “by the cabin” options for single-student participants in St. Petersburg. 

ASA 101: Basic Keelboat Sailing

Begin your sailing journey with ASA 101, learning fundamental sailing and safety procedures. 

This two-day course covers sail handling, navigation, essential knots, and safety drills, all in light to moderate winds. You’ll gain hands-on experience in maneuvering and controlling a keelboat.

ASA 103: Basic Coastal Cruising

Building on the basics, ASA 103 focuses on daytime coastal cruising. This course emphasizes sail trim, navigation, weather analysis, and safety procedures. 

Over two days, you’ll refine your skills, preparing you for more advanced sailing adventures.

ASA 104: Bareboat Chartering

Perfect for those ready to charter a yacht, ASA 104 teaches advanced sailing skills and seamanship. 

This two-day course covers engine troubleshooting, navigation, weather management, and provisioning. You’ll experience liveaboard life, learning the responsibilities and rewards of bareboat cruising.

ASA 114: Cruising Catamaran Sailing

ASA 114 is designed for sailors seeking expertise in handling catamarans. Over two days, you’ll master catamaran-specific skills, including docking, anchoring, and navigating coastal waters. This course prepares you for the unique challenges of multi-hull sailing.

Combo Classes for Comprehensive Learning

Our combo classes are perfect for those looking to develop and grow their sailing skills over a shorter period. These intensive courses combine multiple ASA certifications into a streamlined curriculum, allowing you to progress rapidly from beginner to advanced levels. 

With hands-on instruction and practical experience, our combo classes ensure you gain the expertise needed to confidently sail a variety of vessels.

ASA 101 & 103 Combo

Our four-day combined course offers comprehensive instruction in both basic keelboat sailing and coastal cruising. 

This intensive program is perfect for beginners, providing a solid foundation in essential sailing skills.

ASA 104 & 114 Combo

For those with cruising experience seeking catamaran proficiency, the ASA 104 & 114 combo class is ideal. 

Over three days, you’ll gain advanced knowledge of both monohull and multi-hull sailing, ensuring you can handle any vessel with confidence.

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Your goal of becoming a skilled sailor and captaining your own charter is just a few sailing courses away. With Waypoints Yacht Charters’ ASA sailing courses, you can achieve the skills and confidence needed to navigate the world’s most beautiful waters. 

Our expert instruction, luxurious yachts, and premier locations ensure you receive the highest quality education.
Contact us to register for our ASA sailing courses and start your journey to becoming a skilled sailor.