Exploring the BVI on Charter with Waypoints

Hey guys, it’s Susan Restauri from Waypoints Yacht Charters. I just got back from Waypoints BVI and wow, what a trip! While visiting the charter base in Nanny Cay for their grand opening, I ran into a great friend who offered me an opportunity to join him and his friends on a sail from Virgin Gorda to Anegada. It was an offer too wonderful to pass up, so I packed a bag and hopped on a water ferry from Roadtown to Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda is one of the largest islands in the British Virgin Islands and has many things to offer. One of the most famous attractions is The Baths, a National Park on the southernmost tip of Virgin Gorda. Here you can find giant boulders, two white, sandy beaches, and a fantastic trail for the adventurous soul. There is a large marina in Spanish Town where you can provision at a larger grocery store and then on the other side of the island is the North Sound. Here you can visit Leverick Bay, the Bitter End Yacht Club, Saba Rock, Oil Nut Bay, and Blunder Bay. With so much to do in Virgin Gorda, plan for two nights on your itinerary here.

Monday evening I arrived in Spanish Town and took a taxi to Leverick Bay. It was a 25-minute drive along a steep, winding road with amazing views of the beautiful blue water. Upon my arrival at Leverick Bay Marina, I saw my friends pulling into the dock – what great timing! I walked to the boat and was welcomed by all. I was excited to see my longtime friend and two-star Michelin Chef, Kenetha, aboard as well. She was hired by my friends, Steve and Pam, for their charter. They have her aboard each time they sail because is able to take care of everything, like provisioning, cooking, and cleaning up. Fresh salmon with capers, mashed potatoes, and fresh vegetables were served, along with a paired wine. If Kenetha hadn’t been on board, the group would have had to cook for themselves (which is fairly easy since all items, except the food, are provided on the boat).

During our trip, I realized that there are many people who have never chartered before and wanted to learn from those of us who have sailed in the BVI. The group was made up of accountants, lawyers, business owners, schoolteachers, salespeople, and a lady or two of “leisure” (well, that’s how they described themselves).

After a fantastic dinner and a few cocktails, it was time for sleep after a long day for everyone. It’s true when in the BVI – early to bed, early to rise!

Charter Sales Manager

Next up was North Sound. It was another beautiful day in paradise! After a nice leisurely breakfast, some last-minute provisioning, and a walk up the hill to see the view of boats departing, we were underway. Unfortunately, there was no wind, but that didn’t stop us. We turned on the music, lathered up with sunscreen, put out the Genoa, and made our way to Anegada. After about an hour and a half, we found the buoys and navigated into the mooring field. Since the anchorage is good here, we chose to go up front and drop the anchor instead of hooking a mooring ball. Anegada is made up of coral and limestone and has one of the largest reefs in the world, Horseshoe Reef. It is known for its beautiful white, sandy beaches, many shipwrecks, pink flamingos, lobster, and conch. Finally, it was a busy sight. There were so many boats with their engines off, swim ladders down, and toys in the water.

Next up on my “Must Do” list was Cow Wreck Beach. We went off to visit Belle Vue, shop a little, swim, snorkel, and enjoy drinks, and even a round of the local “ring game.” This is one of my favorite beaches on earth! When you make your way into Anegada and set up for the evening (mooring ball or anchoring), one of the local restaurants will motor out and ask if you are eating lobster on the beach. It’s another “Must Do” on my list! It’s an amazing experience. Even if you don’t eat lobster, there are many other options available at the restaurants. The next day we organized a day trip to snorkel the reef and learn about the conch business. We had the pleasure of eating fresh conch ceviche as well. If you want to explore, Sherwin is the guy!

My time with my friends was amazing and way too short. Next time, I’m going to plan a vacation (I happen to know a fantastic charter specialist or two!) so I can enjoy all of the wonderful experiences that the British Virgin Islands have to offer.