Embarking on a Sailing Adventure with Waypoints®

Embarking on a sailing adventure with Waypoints® Bahamas at Cruise Abaco promises not just a vacation but an experience filled with luxury, breathtaking landscapes, and the charm of the Bahamas. From check-in to check-out, provision stops, and must-visit destinations. Our Florida team recently visited our Waypoints® Bahamas at Cruise Abaco – here are some tips and fun facts to making the most of your yacht charter vacation. 

Check-in with Waypoints® Bahamas at Cruise Abaco: A Seamless Start to Your Adventure 

Taxi and Transfer 

Schedule a taxi in advance, and a friendly face holding a sign will greet you at the airport. 

A swift 10-minute ride takes you to the marina, where your boat awaits. 

Smooth Check-in Process 

Offload your luggage as the team takes care of the details. 

Head to the reception hut, where a warm welcome awaits. 

Discuss your float plan for the week with the Waypoints team, or let them construct a day-by-day plan for you. 

Dining Delights 

Abaco Beach Resort’s tiki bar offers a delightful dinner by the pool, complete with a swim-up bar. 

Snappas, just outside the Resort, provides another fantastic waterfront dining option. 

Check-out with Waypoints Bahamas: A Hassle-Free Farewell 

Preparation for Check-out 

Stay in the slip the evening before check-out for a smooth 10am departure. 

Discuss alternative options with the Waypoints team if you prefer staying somewhere local for your final night. 

Fueling Up and Returning 

Fuel up at the marina’s mouth on your way in, and radio Waypoints before entering. 

A team member will meet you at the fuel dock, ensuring a stress-free return to the slip. 

Travel Arrangements 

Arrange for a taxi ahead of time or radio in when you need one. 

Accommodations, Provisioning, and More: Planning Beyond the Seas 


Abaco Beach Resort offers barefoot luxury with a two-night minimum stay. 

Conch Inn, a bit farther from the base, has no minimum stay requirement. 


Maxwells is the main grocery store in Marsh Harbour. 

Sun Kissed Provisioning can stock the boat for you for a small additional fee. 

Dockside grocery is a convenient 5-minute walk from the base. 

Reprovisioning Stops 

Explore grocery stores in Guana, Man-O-War, and Green Turtle, all within walking distance of their marinas. 

Fuel Docks and Radio Channels 

Fuel docks charge $6/gallon and are strategically located. 

Waypoints operates on channel 9, while marinas use channel 16. 

Beach, Snorkeling, and Dive Spots 

Discover pristine spots like Tuloo Sandbar, Sandy Key, and The Scotland Lagoon. 

Dive enthusiasts can explore Guana or Brendel Dive Shop on Green Turtle. 

Must-Visit Destinations 

Green Turtle, Great Guana Cay, Scotland Cay, Man-O-War, and Hopetown on Elbow Cay offer unique experiences, from swimming pigs to exclusive beach clubs. 

Fun Facts and Favorites 

Treasure Cay in Marsh Harbour is among the top 10 most beautiful beaches globally, according to National Geographic. 

The Sea of Abaco is perfect for transitioning lake sailors to the Caribbean. 

Waypoints® at Cruise Abaco’s Extra Touch 

Trash pickup and ice delivery are part of the service when the chase boat picks up or drops off captains. 

Local Recommendations 

Indulge in conch salad at Big O’s, enjoy the swings and drinks at Thirsty Cuda on Tahiti Beach, and experience vibrant snorkeling at Fowl Cay. 

With Waypoints® at Cruise Abaco, your sailing adventure extends beyond the waters. From seamless check-ins to picturesque destinations, the journey is crafted for both convenience and memorable experiences. So, set sail, explore the beauty of the Abacos, and let Waypoints ® at Cruise Abaco be your guide through this nautical paradise. 


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