A Boaters Paradise

Miami:  A boaters paradise COMBINING world class CITY LIFE AND AZURE cruising waters.

Cruise the ICW, navigate the protected waters of Biscayne Bay, explore the Florida Keys, or cross the Gulfstream to the Bahamas. A wealth of choices for every type of cruiser in all weather and wind conditions –all within 50 miles.

Miami and the Florida Keys are home to the only living coral reef in the contiguous USA. Our waters are as beautiful as you will find anywhere in the Caribbean and offer great scuba, snorkeling and sport fishing opportunities. Over 1700 islands offer a dazzling array of bays, sandbars, reefs, protected moorings and small harbors to explore and call home for a night.

Skip the hassles of connecting international flights, passports and customs. Step onto your charter 90 minutes after landing! Miami International Airport is an efficient hub for National and International flights and only 20 minutes from our fleet base.

Most of Miami’s great cultural resources, the PAMM Art Museum, Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Frost Museum of Science, Children’s Museum, Seaquarium and many of the exciting shopping and nightlife centers are literally on the waterfront. All can be reached from your charter by foot or a short taxi ride -a unique synergy you will not find anywhere else! World-class provisioning, dining and entertaining choices at 40% less than you would spend in the islands.

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Hebareaux Jeanneau 389 (2 Cabin / 1 Head)

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Hebareaux Jeanneau 389 (2 Cabin / 1 Head)

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7-Day Miami to Key West (One Way)

Day 1: Hawk Channel 105 NM

OVERNIGHT BOARDING is an option if you are arriving in Miami the day before your charter. If you arrive by 1pm we can do your check out and you could get your boat provisioned then head out for an evening of dining and people watching on exotic South Beach. If you get an early start you can head for the South end of KEY LARGO.

Day 2: Rodriguez Key

If you sailed to Key Largo yesterday- have a relaxing morning and then take a short side trip out to the reef for snorkeling and diving. MOLASSES REEF, FRENCH REEF, AND GRECIAN ROCKS are the three reefs closest to you. There are several reefs which have permanent mooring buoys making snorkeling off the stern of the boat a breeze! These reefs are protected areas do not drop anchor on a reef!!! After a long day of sailing yesterday I would suggest shooting back into Key Largo for another evening at the marina or anchor off of RODRIGUEZ KEY.  CARYSFORT REEF, THE ELBOW AND KEY LARGO DRY ROCKS are all along your way and since they are close together you can stop at more than one. From any of these reefs it is a quick sail into Key Largo for the evening.

Day 3: Windley Key 22 NM

You have two destinations to choose from today. The first is a great marina and the second is an interesting anchorage. FIRST DESTINATION: Depart Key Largo today for WINDLEY KEY. Along the way you have a choice of several reefs for snorkeling. PICKLES REEF, DAVIS REEF, and HENS AND CHICKENS to name a few. Hens and Chickens reef is on the edge of the main channel making for easy access as you are sailing South.   At Windley Key you will find HOLIDAY ISLE BEACH RESORT AND MARINA, one of the best resorts in the Keys! Holiday Isle has something to please everyone- five restaurants, arts and crafts shops, windsurfing, parasailing, jet skiing, swimming pools and white sand beaches… all Florida Key’s style. DISTANCE 15 MILES HOLIDAY ISLE BEACH RESORT AND MARINA or SECOND DESTINATION: After passing Hens and Chickens continue Southwest approximately 6 miles to the North end of Lower Matecumbe Key where you will see INDIAN KEY ANCHORAGE (This would not be a comfortable anchorage in a strong East to Southeast wind.) At Indian Key anchorage you can dinghy into the dock on Indian Key and walk around what used to be a thriving little community.  While you are at Indian Key Anchorage you may like to do a little more exploring. Lignumvitea Key which is Northwest through Indian Key Channel (accessible by dinghy or tour boat) has a virgin hammock including many native species of vegetation. There is also a coral rock house, a cistern, and a windmill built in 1919.

Day 4: Duck Key 25 NM

You have time to wile away this morning at Holiday Isle and enjoy all they have to offer. If you prefer you can take off for snorkeling our on ALLIGATOR REEF (no one has spotted a real alligator yet!) this morning. If you are at Indian Key spend a lazy morning on the boat or go off exploring. Your destination this morning is HAWK’S CAY MARINA the first class resort at DUCK KEY. Departing either your anchorage or marina you will continue sailing in a Southwesterly direction until you pass Hawk Channel marker Red “44”. You can then set a safe course for the Red “2” at the top of the “Duck’s Head” (Do not try to go into Duck Key Channel!) After passing the Red “8” make a quick turn to starboard inside the sea wall. Follow the sea wall all the way around staying to starboard when the channel splits. As you enter the marina it can get quite shallow, but it is a soft bottom if you should touch down. All the facilities of the resort are available to you as a marina guest. Both fresh and salt water pools with a pool side bar. With tennis courts, a workout room, and parasailing there is enough to keep anyone busy. A couple of nice restaurants and a morning breakfast buffet are available if you prefer to eat ashore. There is also a dolphin show everyday. A great place to kick back and bask in luxury for a day or more! DISTANCE 25 MILES HAWK’S CAY RESORT 1-800-432-2242

Day 5: Boot Key 15 NM

You have two choices again today. FIRST CHOICE: Spend the morning at Hawk’s Cay Resort and then take off for snorkeling at SOMBRERO REEF this afternoon. It is another great spot to see the tropical reef and try to identify all the brightly colored fish. MARATHON or BOOT KEY, is your port of call this evening with several marinas to choose from. Once again you will be sailing in a Southwesterly direction. You will pass the Southwest tip of Boot Key and then turn to the Northeast setting a safe course for the channel entering Boot Key Harbor. You will see FARO BLANCO MARINA OCEANSIDE on your port side before you go under the draw bridge. Alternatively SOMBRERO LIGHTHOUSE MARINA is at the end of the canal on the Northeast end of Boot Key Harbor. Be aware there is an overhead power line 65 feet high and a draw bridge to enter Boot Key Harbor. Both of these marinas come highly recommended with excellent restaurants and facilities. You can also anchor out at BOOT KEY either in Boot Key Harbor or Off the Western end of Boot Key. Marathon is an active little city where you will be able to buy additional provisions and anything else you may need. The grocery store is accessible by foot from Sombrero Lighthouse Marina and by taxi from Faro Blanco. DISTANCE 15 MILES FARO BLANCO MARINA 1-800-759-3276 SOMBRERO RESORT AND LIGHTHOUSE MARINA 305-743-2250 SECOND CHOICE: Your second choice today is to simply stay at Hawk’s Cay Resort and do as close to nothing as you can get away with!

Day 6: Sombrero Key 22 NM

Today if you are still at Hawk’s Cay you have a fairly long day sail to NEWFOUND HARBOR- about 6 hours of sailing. SOMBRERO KEY is on the way if you want to allow time for snorkeling. If you made it to Marathon last night you have a much shorter sail and plenty of time for a side trip to LOOE KEY, one of the BEST reefs on your trip for snorkeling. From Looe Key you can sail almost straight North to Newfound Harbor. If you are approaching from Hawk Channel pass marker number “50” and set a safe course for Newfound Harbor Channel marker Red “2”, give it a wide berth and then turn Northeast into the channel. After passing Red “4” anchor off the side of the channel or continue further before pulling off. Be very careful here, it shallows abruptly when you leave the channel. There is a strong current through this anchorage so anchor well!! At Newfound Harbor you will discover LITTLE PALM ISLAND, an exclusive private resort island. It is a beautiful place to stop but be aware there is a $100.00 minimum docking fee. You can also anchor out and go ashore for dinner. The food is superb but pricey ($30 – $50 per person). Reservations are highly recommended for docking and dinner ashore as they are a small facility. While ashore, watch for the adorable miniature Key Deer and all the tropical birds. If you look just North of Green “3” you will see a tiny island which is great to dinghy to and explore the shallows around the island. DISTANCE 30 MILES FROM DUCK KEY 15 MILES FROM MARATHON LITTLE PALM ISLAND 1-800-343-8567 An alternative anchorage for tonight is BAHIA HONDA KEY which is before Newfound Harbor. As you pass Bahia Honda Key and clear the visible sand bar off the Southwest tip, turn Northeast and go through the cut in the old railroad bridge. Anchor between the two bridges and dinghy ashore to the small marina which is part of Bahia Honda State Park. The park is a wonderful place for walks and cook outs but it does close at dusk. BAHIA HONDA STATE PARK 305-872-2353 DISTANCE 22 MILES FROM DUCK KEY – 8 MILES FROM MARATHON

Day 7: Conch Harbor Marina 25 NM

CONCH HARBOR MARINA where Florida Yacht keeps their boats. The last Hawk Channel Marker you pass is Green “57”. From that point sail a safe course to enter the Main Ship Channel just North of the Red “12” and after passing Red “14” turn slightly starboard to enter Key West Harbor Channel. Just before the Red “24” you will see Key West Bight Channel marker Red “2” look for the Texaco sign and that is the fuel dock for Key West Conch Harbor Marina. Call Florida Yacht on Channel 16 or Key West Conch Harbor Marina to get docking assistance. Top off your fuel tank and Florida Yacht Charters personnel will assist you into your slip. One nights dockage is included in your drop off fee at Conch Harbor Marina. DISTANCE: FROM NEWFOUND HARBOR 25 MILES FROM BAHIA HONDA KEY 30 MILES In Key West you can shop till you drop on DUVAL STREET and find plenty of places for sustenance along the way. Don’t miss the sunset festival held every evening at MALLORY SQUARE at the end of Duval Street. Your boat is due back at 10 am tomorrow so don’t stay out TOO late and party! FAIR WINDS AND SMOOTH SAILING, Captain Jenny Kerr