Full All-Inclusive Service

Full All-Inclusive service is always on hand on a crewed yacht. Whether you need a fresh towel, water sports instruction, or a delicious tropical fruit cocktail. No lines, no waiting, just a prompt friendly smile and whatever you could wish for. Your Captain will sail the yacht to all the beautiful and sometimes “secret” anchorages and make sure your vacation is carefree. Your personal Gourmet Chef will create meals and snacks to your desires, your ocean-view table is always the best in the house! An open bar means no hidden charges.

What’s included in your All-inclusive charter?

Extra costs will be: travel insurance, your airfare + taxi, premium wines, liquors & champagne,
meals or drinks taken ashore, a gratuity for your crew (15-20%).

All-Inclusive means: Open Bar

These activities are included:

Snorkeling,  Paddle-boarding,  Diving,  Tubing,  Water-skiing,  Kayaking,  Relaxing on Floating Mats and MUCH MORE!

Your All-Inclusive Rate

The Crewed Yachts have a captain and one or more additional crew members, depending on the size and rate. The Chef prepares gourmet meals and the crew provides a high degree of personal service. All crewed yachts are quite nicely furnished and include a variety of features, which you will not always find on bareboat charters. Such as 110v AC power, TV/VCR, a big library of film and CDs, books, games, snorkeling and fishing gear, floating sun mats, a larger and more powerful dinghy, and more. Crewed yachts can provide air conditioning, electric toilets, water skiing, scuba diving, or sailing lessons.

During high season the smaller crewed yachts may not cost very much more than a bareboat and some may actually cost less! We’ve inspected the yachts in our fleet and hand-picked the best. We know the best Captains and the best Chefs on a first-name basis and because we follow up on each and every charter that we book, we receive hundreds of charter evaluations each year. This helps us to continually refine our opinion of the yachts that we recommend to you.

Another thing you should know, when you are comparing rates, is that all yachts cost the same regardless of who you deal with. The yacht owner sets the rate and not by the charter yacht agency that you work with. A large number of yachts offer specialties: Some provide formal sailing instruction and many offer scuba diving or water skiing or both. You’ll find some yachts that are perfect for honeymoons or anniversary trips and others well suited for corporate charters.

The Food

All Breakfasts, lunches, 3-course dinners, snacks, and drinks are included in your charter. But it does not stop there! The chefs on these yachts are culinary professionals and many have trained in the best culinary schools and could be working in the top restaurants around the world. But these chefs have decided to live on the water instead and serve a select group of guests the best gourmet dishes on board a yacht. The captain will make you cocktails like Mojito, a painkiller, and bushwhackers at sunset (or all night long!)

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Waypoints are the experts in crewed yacht charters throughout the Caribbean. We have visited all the yachts, and know all the crew and every anchorage. We have booked many crewed sailing vacations for families, groups, and couples with great reviews and happy customers, which means you can book your charter with confidence.

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