ASA Sailing School

ASA Classes are currently being held in Annapolis, MD, Bahamas, USVI and St. Petersburg, FL. By the cabin (single student participant) available in St. Petersburg, Florida only.

To become one of the ASA Sailing Schools, Waypoints Yacht Charters went through rigorous qualification standards which are internationally recognized. Our ASA-certified courses give sailors of all experience levels an opportunity to become more competent and confident in their abilities.

We provide courses to bring the first-timer to a level of competent seamanship (Basic Seamanship), offer advanced courses for the experienced sailor (Advanced Cruising Standard), and open the world of possibilities for those wishing to charter in the world’s finest sailing destinations (Advanced Ocean Cruising).

Your sailing lesson is taught aboard sailboats and catamarans, complete with the amenities of today’s luxury cruising boats. Our boats provide fully-equipped galleys, air conditioning/generators, private cabins, shared heads (some are private/en-suite), and covered cockpits. No matter which charter destination you choose, you can expect the same level of service and comfort.

ASA Courses Are Available All Summer At
Waypoints Annapolis

Learn to sail this summer on the Chesapeake Bay on the following vessels!

Opportune Moment

2021 Dufor 430 – 3 Cab.

39 North

2018 Sun Odyssey 389

Second Wind

2022 Fontaine Pajot Isla 40

ASA Courses

ASA 101

Basic Keelboat Sailing (#101)

This is your first step into the exhilarating world of sailing. This course is designed to teach basic sailing and safety procedures. The practices that are covered are techniques for handling a keelboat, understanding how to use your sails in the wind to propel the boat, sailing terminology, essential knots and much more. This includes learning to maneuver the boat while under-way (tacking and gybing). You will practice the skills needed to sail with hands-on sailing experience in light to moderate winds.

  • Identify basic parts of a sailboat and describe their functions
  • Tie and describe functions of six knots without assistance within time limits.
  • Understanding the rules of the road and right of way
  • Safety drills including man-overboard.
  • Ability to tie a boat safely to a dock

This is a 2-day course on a monohull, not overnight.

ASA 103

Basic Coastal Cruising (#103):

Once you have a basic working knowledge of sailing this is your next step to learn daytime coastal cruising. In this course, you will be putting the skills you learned in the introductory course to practice! You will learn the inner workings of a sailboats equipment and systems, how to trim your sails for peak performance, navigation basics, weather analysis and safety, motoring and docking skills, boat handling while under power and sail, sailing skills and hands on sailing practice. Show the proper purpose and use of and safety equipment onboard, fueling and fire precautions.

  • Practicing proper setting of the sails for various wind conditions and point of sail
  • Identify the main responsibilities of skipper and crew.
  • Display the ability to do a check out of the vessels gear and equipment.
  • Ability to describe the actions and precautions to take with reduced visibility.
  • Show the proper method of a personal flotation device in the water and use it safely.

2-day course on a monohull, overnight not required.

Prerequisites: ASA #101

ASA 101 & 103 Combo

Basic Sailing (#101)/Basic Coastal Cruising (#103)

Combined course with four days of on-water instruction.

  • 4-Day Course: Four Days of On-Water Instruction
  • Prerequisites: NONE

ASA 104

Bareboat Chartering (#104)

This multi-day cruise in coastal waters will be in moderate conditions. Learn how to operate and troubleshoot the engines, electricity, navigational instruments, and other boat systems. Now you will be assuming the position of skipper while learning advanced sailing skills and seamanship, safety at sea, navigation fundamentals, weather management. You will have an understanding of liveaboard life, provisioning and the responsibilities and rewards that come with bareboat cruising.

  • Ability to be on board a live cruise for 48 hours, acting as crew and skipper.
  • Show the method of plotting a course while determining E.T.A and compass heading.
  • How to troubleshoot and identify various issues with engine malfunction (cleaning strainers, checking fuel filters, etc).
  • Characterize courtesies and customs of yachtsmen including placement of flags, etc.
  • Assessment of safe weather conditions
  • Ability to use and launch a dinghy and outboard engine at anchor.
  • Appropriately prepare for a charter including provisioning and use of the galley.

2-day course on a monohull, overnight required.

Prerequisites: ASA #101 & #103

ASA 114

Cruising Catamaran Sailing (#114)

This course will give you hands-on experience on how to skipper a sailing catamaran (a multi-hull vessel). This is a catamaran version of the 104 Bareboat Cruising course.  The auxiliary powered catamaran will be between 30-45’. Depending upon your location, you will cruise inland or coastal waters in moderate to heavy winds and sea conditions. Maneuvering under power, docking, anchoring practice catamaran sailing skills. You will learn to sail fast and safely.

2-day course, overnight not required but possible.

Prerequisites: ASA #101 and #103

ASA 104 & 114 Combo

Bareboat Chartering (#104)/Advanced Cruising Catamaran Sailing (#114) Combo Class

An advanced cruising Standard for individuals with cruising experience who also desire catamaran experience. The individual can act as skipper or crew on a sailing vessel, sailing by day in coastal waters with overnight sailing and anchoring. The Standard includes knowledge of onboard systems including minor engine troubleshooting, fuel, cooling, and electrical systems, the head, and safe use of the galley. Practice piloting, navigation, cruise planning, VHF radio use, and other skills required for coastal cruising or island hopping. The course covers terminology, construction, and skills unique to multi-hulls, preventing capsizing, effects of windage, crew overboard, handling under sail, docking, anchoring, and understanding twin screws. Provisions are not included.

  • 3-Day Course: Three Days Spent Aboard with an Overnight Sailing and Anchor
  • Prerequisites: ASA #103

  • No courses are available at this time

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