A sailing catamaran anchored near an island in the Bahamas

5 Reasons Chartering a Yacht is The Most Memorable Vacation

A charter vacation gives you so much more freedom than a typical vacation — the freedom to explore your destination and create memories with a custom, personalized experience. You can charter a yacht with a professional crew or captain a bareboat yacht yourself. Either way, you will be immersed in luxury, breathtaking views, and endless activities. The most difficult decision you will make is deciding how to spend each day.

Sailing catamarans docked at a pier

What makes chartering a yacht such a memorable vacation experience?

  1. Enjoy a different breathtaking view every morning. Why wake up in the same hotel room with the same view when you can enjoy a new idyllic scene on the water each morning? Whether you are looking to vacation in Annapolis, cruise the Chesapeake, or tour the Bahamas — charter a yacht and explore the world.
  2. No boating experience required. Concerned about a lack of boating experience? You can charter a skippered yacht and let your captain do all the work. If you’re comfortable handling a sailing yacht on your own, there are bareboat options available.
  3. Learn to sail with ASA instructional charters. No matter what your level of experience is, Cruise Annapolis offers a full spectrum of ASA courses covering first-timers, amateurs, and experienced sailors looking to improve their ability.
  4. Travel to exotic and remote locations on a luxury yacht. You can go places you’ve only seen in magazines or in pictures online when you charter a yacht. Experience the culture and cuisine of hideaways along the Chesapeake or remote, uninhabited Caribbean islands.
  5. Enjoy a private vacation with ultimate freedom. Sure, cruises can be fun if you’re willing to stick to the itinerary given and stay within the predetermined destinations. Chartering a luxury yacht offers endless options. Go shopping, relax, or jetski whenever and wherever you’d like. Spend a night in town or anchor at a private beach.

Ready to make some memories? Get in touch with us one of our personal charter concierges can answer any questions.