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Weather Facsimile Software

Turn your computer into a weather forecasting station with marine weather fax software and a marine single sideband (SSB) or other high frequency radio receiver.

Weather fax transmissions are similar to fax transmissions you receive via the telephone.  Instead of using phone lines, a weather station broadcasts weather fax charts over marine SSB frequencies.  Weather fax software packages allow sailors to connect a computer's serial port to the audio output of a SSB receiver to collect and decode the broadcast information automatically.  The fax "pages" can then be viewed on the computer screen or printed on a printer.

Weather fax charts do NOT make a weather forecast for you--they provide the weather data necessary for YOU to do so.  If you're not sure how to interpret weather fax charts, learn more about marine weather with books and software.

Mscan Meteo Combitech--Mscan Meteo

Mscan Meteo replaces proprietary weather fax demodulators with a simple connection from a radio to a computer's microphone input or uses the SCS PTCII or PTCII-e radio e-mail modems to gather wefax signals.




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