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WeatherTrainer Weather Trainer

Today's weather technology provides mariners with sophisticated resources--facsimile, satellite connection, and Internet resources.  Starpath's Weather Trainer shows you how to get the most out of NAVTEX, radiofacsimile weather maps, real-time satellite photos, and much more. 

While new technology makes boating safer and more fun, nothing can replace traditional weather forecasting skills.  Starpath's Weather Trainer offers dynamic, hands-on education on methods to identify and analyze signls of wind, sea, and sky.  You'll learn to use a barometer to its full potential, recognize clouds and their meanings, interpret changes in wind and sea conditions, and how to combine observations into a realistic picture of present and future weather.

Program Features:

  • Learn to read weather maps like a pro

  • Predict weather from technical data and natural observations

  • Ask questions of the program or have it test you

  • Study weather questions from USCG license exams

  • Learn synoptic weather chart codes

  • Learn voyage planning and weather routing

  • Compute:

    • Apparent to true wind (and reverse

    • Storm avoidance routes

    • Barometer corrections

    • Surface wind speed from isobar spacing

    • Speed-Distance-Time

    • Units conversion

    • Dew point

    • Sea state distribution from wind speed

  • Reference:

    • Worldwide radiofacsimile schedules

    • HF high seas voice and worldwide NAVTEX schedules

    • Climatic atlas of world winds, pressures, and computers

    • Hurricane zone statistics

    • Catalog of DMA, NOAA, and BA pilots

    • List of Internet weather sources

    • Glossary

    • Cloud atlas

    • Complete weather symbols catalog

Minimum System Requirements (version 2.0):

  • PC-compatible computer

  • 486 or newer processor

  • 8 Mb RAM

  • VGA (640 X 480, 256 colors) graphics

  • Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, or XP

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Ordering Information

121741 Weather Trainer (floppy disk) $128.95



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