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Electronic Charts and radar are a perfect match in Nobeltec/Nautical Software's new RADARpc--the first all-in-one radar overlay product.  Created in partnership with SI-TEX, RADARpc combines the two most powerful navigation tools availabe today:  radar and Visual Navigation Suite.

Data is sent directly from the radar dome to the computer for processing where signals are displayed both traditionally and overlaid on electronic charts.

Call or e-mail for additional information,  installation options, transceiver models, and more. 


Technical Specifications
Navigation Software
Chart Formats Passport, NDI, all major formats and aerial charts
Chart Management Single chart mode or seamless quilting
Display Mode North-up, Course-up
Range Rings Unlimited in chart overlay, fixed in radar window
Auto Scroll Follow boat, follow predictor line, look ahead
Alarms User definable boundaries and alarms, Guard Zone alarm
Navigation Data Display Vessel position, speed, course over ground, and more
Real-time Information GPS and other devices that support NMEA 0183
Insight Radar Window
Range Scales (NM) 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16
Radar Display Dedicated window or electronic chart overlay
Resolution 240 X 240 pixels, 4 colors
Bearing Accuracy Better than 1%
Function FTC, Interference Rejection, Target Expansion, Auto-calibrate, EBL, VRM, Zoom, Overlay, Gain, STC, Trails
Echo Trail Interval Continuous, 15, 30 sec.; 1, 3, 6, min.; off
Guard Zone Omni-directional--fully user-defined
SI-TEX Radar Dome
Antenna .9 ft., enclosed radome
Rotation 30 RPM
Peak Power Output 2 KW; 4 KW radome and open array models are available; e-mail for details.
Transmitting Frequency 9445 +/- 30 MHz
Beam Width 6.2o (Horizontal), 25o (Vertical)
Minimum Detectable Range Less than 20 meters on 1/8 mile range
Range Accuracy Better than 7 meters or .8% of maximum range in use
Sidelobe Better than -20 dB
Pulse Length .1 mSec/2200Hz (short range)
.3 mSec/1100Hz (medium range)
.8 mSec/550 Hz (long range)
IF Center Frequency 60 MHz
IF Band Width 6 MHz short and medium range, 3 MHz long range
Power Consumption 30 Watts or less
Voltage Supply 10.8 to 31.2 VDC
PC Interface RS-422 bi-directional via USB, PCI, PCMCIA
Cable Length Options 10 meters standard, 15 and 20 meters optional
Operating Temperature -13o to 131o F (-25o to 55o C)
Wind Force 100 knots relative
Water Resistance IPX6 (IEC529)

Ordering Information

663181 RADARpc (CD-ROM; existing VNS users call for upgrade pricing) $2995.00



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