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Tide and Current Prediction Software

Tide and current prediction applications are powerful tools that can instantly predict both tide and tidal currents for thousands of locations around the world. They take care of the tedious work of calculation so you can go have fun instead of worrying about correction factors, whether to add or subtract an hour, or other details.

Tide and current prediction software starts with actual information from reporting stations worldwide.  Programmers then develop models based on the data to predict tides and currents at those locations in the future.  They also apply astronomical and geological information as well as local knowledge to make predictions for other sites.

Nobeltec--Tides and Currents for Windows

Nobeltec's Tides and Currents for Windows is a powerful tool that can instantly predict both tides and tidal currents for thousands of locations worldwide.  It uses data from NOAA, NIMA, and British Admiralty sources for the most complete world coverage available today.




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