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One of the reasons that cruising is so satisfying is the pleasure that comes from self-sufficiency.  Whether they're one or one thousand miles offshore, cruisers are proud to be able to repair a balky diesel or concoct the best birthday cake ever without any fresh ingredients.

Waypoint (and our Complete Cruising Solutions partners) believe that our value comes from sharing our expertise in electronics, navigation, communication, and other topics.  That's why we offer the Cruiser's University--a program that educates soon-to-be cruisers about how to select and maintain equipment, manage complex marine systems, and much more.  

Because not everyone can "enroll" in Cruiser's U,  we'll share course notes as well as technical support information that may save you a semester or two at the school of hard knocks.  Please feel free to read or print the following documents for your own personal use. Most are in .PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to view and print.  Please do not reproduce or distribute these documents without our permission.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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Cruising Information
Title Topic
Mexican Immigration Forms Complete the immigration papers to enter Mexico in advance
Immigration Form Instructions Instructions for completing Mexican immigration forms
Recipe--Baking Mix Can't find Bisquick? Try this instead
Recipe--Chocolate Cake Minimal utensils and no fresh ingredients
Recipe--French Vanilla Ice Cream When you need it and can't find it
Recipe--Pressure Cooker Bread Save fuel and keep cool
Seminar--Provisioning Experienced cruiser shares provisioning secrets


Technical Notes
Title Topic
GPS Setup Set up your GPS to communicate NMEA 0183 lat/lon information to a computer or other device
Load DOS Weather Fax on Win 95/98 Set up PC HF Facsimile 7.0 to boot from an icon on the Windows 95/98 desktop
Manual Waypoint Entry Enter Nav Master III waypoints by typing, rather than by pointing and clicking
Copy and Register ChartPacks Maptech ChartPacks use an unusual directory structure that must be copied and registered precisely




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