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Storm Glasse

The Storm Glass

This mysterious weather predictor has been in use for over 250 years, but why it works is still a mystery. It is believed that its function relates to electromagnetic changes caused by weather and sun storms.  When the weather is turning inclement, the clear fluid first turns cloudy, then crystalline with feathery "fronds" in cold and rainy conditions.  It's been used on a number of famous voyages, most notably, those of Darwin's Beagle. 1-5/8" in diameter, 5-3/4" tall.

Available in polished brass or chrome.  Mounting bracket not included; order separately.


Ordering Information:
122229 Storm Glass--Polished Brass
(Mount not included; order separately)
132761 Storm Glass--Polished Chrome
(Mount not included; order separately)
122227 Storm/Galileo Glass Mount--Polished Brass
132763 Storm/Galileo Glass Mount--Polished Chrome



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