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Marine Software

Why buy software from Waypoint?

  • We've used all the software we sell under real-life cruising conditions.
  • We sell a variety of each kind of application.  Because we've used all the software we sell, we can make recommendations to you not only about what we like, but also about what will be the best solution for you.  No single product suits everyone.
  • We know computer hardware and software inside and out--not just how a single program works.
  • We understand integration--how computers, software, GPS, radios and more work together as a system.
  • We're your first line of support--we won't just tell you to call the manufacturer.
  • Our pricing is extremely competitive.
  • We also stock all the computer hardware, cruising guides, charts, chart books, and accessories that you need to build a complete cruising information system. Check out our recommendations.
Charting Software Computer Navigation

Computer charting and navigation systems are exciting innovations for boaters. With detailed, color charts and capable software to display and manage them, boaters can now bring the highest quality navigation information on board. And, with more powerful, less expensive computers, boaters now can own a navigation system that costs less than a single-function chart plotter and handles an array of functions from weather forecasting to communications.


Weather Software Weather Forecasting

"Red sky at night, a sailor's delight..." This simple rhyme was probably the first marine weather forecasting tool you used. It's a good one--red skies indicate dry air to the west and fair weather on the way--but, before venturing offshore, additional weather information is imperative. For comprehensive, current, reliable information, marine weather fax is the standard; new tools make it possible to obtain information directly from weather satellites or the Worldwide Web, too. 


Tide and Current Prediction Tide and Current Prediction

Tide and current prediction applications are powerful tools that can instantly predict both tide and tidal currents for thousands of locations around the world. They take care of the tedious work of calculation so you can go have fun instead of worrying about correction factors, whether to add or subtract an hour, or other details.


Educational Software Education and Training

Whether you're an old salt or a novice, you and your family can improve boating skills with education and training software. From training courses in weather forecasting to interactive multimedia simulators, educational applications can help to make you a better boater or help professionals obtain more advanced Coast Guard license ratings.


Entertainment Software Entertainment 

Take the helm to steer your America's Cup class yacht to victory. Or, create custom nautical greeting cards and clever newsletters for the yacht club. Entertainment software lets you bring offshore fun home with racing games and simulators, printing programs, and much more.


Buyer's Guide Buyer's Guides 

Searching for additional sources for equipment? Want specifications for a yacht you saw in last months' boating magazine? Buyer's guide software can help with extensive databases of specifications and drawings.


Utility Software Utilities 

Document and manage stores and equipment on board. Add the beauty of the waterfront to any computer and prevent screen burn in with nautical screen savers. Marine software utilities protect and manage resources while simplifying a complex yacht's systems.




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