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GPS Waypoint and Route Managers

Most yachts carry more than one GPS.  Most sailors like to load the same route into all of those GPS units.  Many sailors also use computers that are ideally suited to managing numbers in easy-to-read tables.  GPS Waypoint/Route Management software uses computer power to back up and share waypoint information between GPS units.  Commercial packages support sophisticated ocean routing, too.

Waypoint for Windows Waypoint for Windows

Waypoint for Windows is an ocean routing program designed to manage and analyze a vessel's route from departure to arrival.  It's the navigation software of choice for professional mariners and shipping companies worldwide (suitable for International Safety Management code use), yet easy enough to master and use for recreational and offshore cruisers as well.


  • Create and maintain sailing plans for all routes
  • Analyzes pre-departure and projected sailing times
  • Monitors the vessel's passage with daily position updates
  • Includes a sailings calculator for solving Great Circle, Composite, Mercator, and DR problems
  • Passage Summary display provides instant analysis of the vessel's passage
  • Transfer and backup GPS libraries in minutes
  • GPS Uploader/Downloader utility provides library transfers and backups to:
    • Trimble NavTrac/NT200D models
    • Magellan 5000 DLX GPS models
    • Magnavox MS series models
    • Any GPS model using generic NMEA-0183 WPL sentences
    • No Garmin GPS models are supported (Garmin uses proprietary software route library designations)
  • Add/Insert/Edit positions quickly
  • Reverse routes with just a mouse click
  • Plan arrival times with an ETA calculator, and view or print a schedule of projected ETA's
  • Print reports for routes and libraries
  • Import DOS AMVER v3.1 files

System Requirements:

  • PC-compatible computer
  • 386-25 MHz or faster processor
  • 4 Mb RAM
  • Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista
  • Available serial port
  • 3 Mb hard disk space
  • GPS and appropriate computer cabling

Ordering Information

117682 Waypoint for Windows (CD-ROM) $69.95



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