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RadarTrainer Radar Trainer

Starpath's Radar Trainer is designed for boaters who are new to using radar for collision avoidance.  It's so realistic, however, that navies, coast guards, and navigations schools worldwide use it to train professionals.  It's approved by the USCG for study for official radar endorsements.  

Simulated radar "problems" give boaters experience in "steering" a vessel based on radar information.  On-line tutorials explain maneuvering techniques.

Program Features:

  • Control course and speed of all vessels

  • View target vessel radars at any time

  • Optional trace mode

  • Call up closest point-of-approach (CPA) for any target

  • Built-in calculator to find CPA from ranges and bearings

  • Varying elapsed time rates

  • View interactive demo targets linked to tutorials

  • Built-in training drills with random targets are new on every run

  • Set your own targets to steer through

  • True View option to study relative motion

  • Sea State option to simulate the effect of a yaw on echo trails

  • Optional vessel classes to simulate maneuvering limitations of larger vessels

  • North-up, heads-up, or course-up displays

  • Track ball simulation for EBL and VRM operation

Minimum System Requirements (version 2.0):

  • PC-compatible computer

  • 486 or newer processor

  • 8 Mb RAM

  • VGA (640 X 480, 256 colors) graphics

  • Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, or Vista

Click to learn more about Radar Trainer with an interactive tour.

Ordering Information

121737 Radar Trainer (floppy disk) $149.95



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