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Navigation Plotting Sheets and Reusable Plotting Boards

ChartKit Plotter

Read and plot courses instantly with ChartKit's Plotter.  It's sized especially for standard chart books, but also works well with any nautical chart.

A moveable compass rose that's locked in alignment with the magnetic compass rose of the chart page gives you instant course headings whenever needed.  Plot a course to a given point by locking the rule at a given bearing. By moving the rule so that the point is on an edge, you quickly determine the correct line of position on a chart for that bearing.  A see-through acrylic sheet overlays and protects the page as you plot; mark courses with wipe-off pens.  


Universal Plotting Sheets (VP-OS)

A graduated circle printed at the center allows meridians of longitude to be construction for any latitude--a custom chart for any geographical position.  Pad of 50.


Radar Transfer Plotting Sheets (DMA 5089)

Plot radar targets, tidal current plots, and relative motion problems where solutions are reached by vector plots.  Allows calculation of course to steer in a current, heading to avoid collision, or heading to intercept another moving vessel.  Pad of 50.


Maneuvering Board

Another mainstay for solving relative motion problems.  Bearing and distance marks from the center and scales at the sides allow quick and easy plotting of course and speed vectors for calculation of course and speed to intercept--or avoid--another vessel.  Pad of 50.

Add a NIMA Publication #1310/217, Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual, for problem-solving examples. 


Ordering Information:
121888 ChartKit Plotting System (Pantograph with Board)


127922 Stabilo Wipe-Off Plotting Pens $9.95
104662 Universal Plotting Sheets (VP-OS) $9.95
104657 Radar Transfer Plotting Sheets (DMA 5089) $9.95
104644 Maneuvering Board $9.95
117755 Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual (Pub 1310) $44.95

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