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Pacific Crossing Courtesy Flags

Our Pacific Crossing collection is organized for a departure south from Pacific Central America that "summers over" in Fiji or New Zealand.  For voyage planning, we highly recommend:

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Ordering Information:
Prices shown are for 12" x 18" flags unless otherwise noted; call (800) 584-4114 or e-mail for other sizes
104743 Galapagos Islands Courtesy Flag
must be displayed over the Ecuadorian flag
104728 Ecuador Courtesy Flag $15.95
104740 French Courtesy Flag
for French Society Islands, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Nouméa
104713 Cook Islands Courtesy Flag $39.95
104674 American Samoa Courtesy Flag $27.95
104862 Tonga Courtesy Flag $27.95
104738 Fiji Courtesy Flag $36.95
104805 New Zealand Courtesy Flag $27.95
104915 "Q" Quarantine Flag $19.95
1111SP South Pacific Cruise Flag Package
All flags noted above purchased as a set--$235 value!  (No substitutions)

Optional Pacific Flags:

104817 Panama Courtesy Flag $29.95
104715 Costa Rica Courtesy Flag $22.95
104707 Chile Courtesy Flag
for Easter Island
104682 Australia Courtesy Flag $29.95
104867 Tuvalu Courtesy Flag $39.95
104872 Vanuatu Courtesy Flag $27.95
104877 Western Samoa Courtesy Flag $29.95

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