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Northwest Caribbean Cruise Courtesy Flags

Our Northwest Caribbean Cruise is organized for one of two departures:

  1. From the U. S. east coast southbound
  2. From eastbound through the Panama Canal

For voyage planning, we highly recommend:

Boggled by flag etiquette?  Click to consult the flag experts for clarification.

Ordering Information:
Prices shown are for 12" x 18" flags unless otherwise noted; call (800) 584-4114 or e-mail for other sizes
104684 Bahamas Courtesy Flag $18.95
104719 Cuba Courtesy Flag $22.95
104769 Jamaica Courtesy Flag $22.95
104706 Cayman Islands Courtesy Flag $35.95
104793 Mexico Courtesy Flag $19.95
104689 Belize Courtesy Flag $29.95
104753 Guatemala Courtesy Flag $15.95
104759 Honduras Courtesy Flag $27.95
104817 Panama Courtesy Flag $29.95
104915 "Q" Quarantine Flag $19.95
1111NC Northwest Caribbean Cruise Flag Package
All flags noted above purchased as a set--$250 value!  (No substitutions)

Optional Caribbean Flags:

104681 Aruba Courtesy Flag $27.95
104721 Curacao Courtesy Flag $22.95
104873 Venezuela Courtesy Flag $29.95
104863 Trinidad/Tobago Courtesy Flag $21.95
104803 Netherlands Antilles Courtesy Flag
For Dutch St. Maarten, Statia (St. Eustatius), Saba, and Bonaire
104807 Nicaragua Courtesy Flag $15.95
104715 Costa Rica Courtesy Flag $22.95
104710 Colombia Courtesy Flag $16.95

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