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NoLand Multiplexer

NoLand Serial Multiplexer

Connect up to four different NMEA 0183 devices to a single serial port to add wind, depth, and other information to charting software.

Each NoLand Serial Multiplexer provides four NMEA 0183 standard listener ports and one talker port. Multiple units may be interconnected to provide up to ten listener ports (e. g. two units will provide seven listener ports and three units, ten listener ports). The talker port is provided to enable the computer to send specific NMEA 0183 messages to instruments equipped with a listener port, such as a LORAN or GPS receiver.

Multiplexer installation is quick and easy.  The multiplexer module can be mounted to any surface; all connections are made via a terminal strip.  NoLand Multiplexers are automatic, too; once a multiplexer is powered, it immediately begins to acquire data without any further interaction.


NoLand Serial Multiplexer Specifications
Supply Voltage 8-20 VDC
Supply Current 100 mA (typical)
Input Drive Voltage 4-15 V (active state
Input Impedance 500 Ohms (min.)
Talker Output Level Differential as per EIA-RS422
Serial Output Format 4800, 9600 baud (selectable)
RS-232 Output RS232C or NMEA 0183
Operating Temperature -20 deg C to +70 deg C
Storage Temperature -40 deg C to +95 deg C
Humidity 90%
Size 4.5" X 3.25" X 0.875"
Weight 8 oz.
Warranty 2 Year Replacement
000138 NoLand Serial Multiplexer $189.95



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