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Computer Navigation Systems

Computer charting and navigation systems are exciting innovations for boaters. With detailed, color charts and capable software to display and manage them, boaters can now bring the highest quality navigation information on board. And, with more powerful, less expensive computers, boaters now can own a navigation system that costs less than a single-function chart plotter and handles an array of functions from weather forecasting to communications.  

Visual Navigation Suite


Rose Point Navigation--Coastal Explorer

Rosepoint Navigation's new Coastal Explorer is navigation software just loaded with fresh ideas.  It supports NOAA's new free S-57 vector charts--a great value!


Nobeltec Tiime Zero Nobeltec Time Zero Odyssey, Trident, and Catch

Nobeltec TimeZero software incorporates a whole new dimension into chart presentation with full time 3D chart rendering. Users can choose a 2D top-down view of the navigation chart for a look and feel that duplicates traditional chart plotting presentation or pan and zoom the chart to any angle at any range scale instantly.  Three different versions for recreational, professional, and fishing navigators. Absolutely  extraordinary!


Visual Navigation Suite Nobeltec/Nautical Software--Visual Navigation Suite

Nobeltec's NavTrek™ was recognized as one of the finest charting software products available. Their new Visual Series products feature charting capability to suite every cruiser plus innovative new GeoDraw™ technology that can turn a library of charts into one "super chart" that zooms limitlessly. New! VNS MaxPro now supports C-Map cartography.


Visual Passage Planner Digital Wave--Visual Passage Planner

For open ocean route planning, finding weather windows for long passages, and understanding prevailing wind, weather, and current patterns, pilot charts are the sailor's best resource. Digital Wave's Visual Passage Planner is the first program that brings pilot chart planning to the computer.  Now available:  version 2.0!


MaxSea Furuno--MaxSea

MaxSea is the preferred navigation software of the past three winners of the Whitbread Round-the-World Races.  Seven of the nine yachts competing in '97 chose MaxSeaMaxSea software packages are also available for recreational boaters, fishing, and shipping and feature weather routing plus the ability to use C-Map vector chart cartridges


C-Map C-Map--PC Planner

Turn your home computer into the perfect navigational planning tool with C-Map PC Planner.  It's software plus a card reader that allows you to display charts from your C-Map NT+ cartridges on screen and to select and save waypoints to memory cards that are available for many plotters.


Navionics NavPlanner

View charts, plan routes, and find waypoints with Navionics NavPlanner.  Navionics' all-purpose 23-in-1 Multi Card Reader and easy-to-use software makes reading and transferring charts and date simple.

Fugawi Marine ENC Fugawi Marine ENC

Navigate with new S-57 vector marine ENC charts (available FREE from NOAA or the Army Corps of Engineers) or Navionics cards with Fugawi's Marine ENC software.  Use a standard PC for display or transfer information to an iPAQ, Palm, or Garmin iQue pocket PC.





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