Navionics Trade-In Deals

Purchase any Navionics Platinum XL3, XL, or HotMaps Premium cartridge and...
  • Request a prepaid trade-in mailer when ordering
  • Complete the mailer
  • Enclose your old Navionics cartridge in the mailer
  • Enclose the original copy of your new cartridge invoice
  • Mail the mailer to Navionics within 30 days of purchasing your new chart
  • Navionics will send you:
    $100 back for any $299 MSRP or greater card
    $75 back for any $199 MSRP card
    $50 back for any $149 MSRP card
    $25 back for any $99-$129 MSRP card
Old cartridges returned for trade-in must be in good working condition.  Envelope must be postmarked no later than 30 days after date of new cartridge purchase.  One trade-in cartridge per enelope only.  We recommend making copies of all materials before mailing.  Allow 6 weeks to receive your refund check.

The prepaid mailing envelope is provided for your convenience.  It is untrackable and neither Waypoint nor Navionics guarantee its contents if lost or damaged.  You may choose to send the trade-in envelope via other shipping methods that provide insurance and/or tracking at your expense.