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Navigation Equipment

We're the first to admit that we love the convenience of electronic navigation--whether it's with a computer,  electronic chart plotter, or even just a GPS.  However, we always make sure that we're ready to navigate the old-fashioned way--with the best traditional navigation tools that we can get our hands on.

A cautious sailor will consider an investment in charts and navigation tools to be money well spent--some of the best insurance you can buy.  To be confident that you'll always be ready to plot position or determine your course, choose more than one strategy.  Whether it's traditional navigation or the newest innovation in electronics, Waypoint has a solution for you!


Waypoint offers a selection of GPS sensor units, ideal for any computer navigation system.



Picture a shipboard display with electronic chart data that includes a mark for every ship within VHF range.  This information can be yours with an inexpensive AIS receiver (added to your navigation software or compatible GPS or Radar Chart Plotter).  Standalone models are available, too!


Navigation Tools

Basic and Coastal Navigation Tools

Make traditional navigation a pleasure, not a chore, with the finest dividers, rules, plotters, and more.

A good set of binoculars is a necessary part of your coastal navigation toolkit.  Waypoint recommends the Fujinon Polaris series for stability, clarity, and light-gathering capability.


Celestial Navigation

Celestial Navigation Equipment

Celestial Navigation is regarded by some as black magic and by others as one of the finer arts of sailing.  For safety, serious offshore sailors should be ready to use a sextant and calculate position with the stars.  Waypoint offers a complete selection of sextants, navigation calculators, and the necessary publications and forms.



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