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Navionics CF™ Gold Cartridges


Navionics CF 
Gold Cartridge

Navionics Gold cartridges feature electronic chart data with the familiar appearance of a paper chart.  Super detail, shaded depth contours, real-world shapes and colors for buoys and navaids, spot soundings, and tide and current data give them state-of-the-art performance designed for modern chart plotter systems. 

Navionics uses the largest scale charts available to provide accuracy and best detail of a given area.  All navigation aids available are included as well as detailed depth contours.  "Local knowledge" is routinely added to enhance even the most detailed cartography. HotMaps are special charts designed with fishing in mind.  They cover inland lakes and include bottom contours, drop-offs, boat ramps, and much more to help you catch more fish more easily.

Turn your home computer into the perfect navigation planning tool with Navionics NavPlanner.  It's software plus a card reader that allows you to display charts from your Navionics Gold or Platinum cartridges on screen and to select and save waypoints to memory cards that are available for many plotters.  Expand your Navionics card's functions even further with Fugawi Marine ENC--powerful software for Navionics and your PC.

Navionics CF Gold Cartridges for most locations worldwide are available for same day shipment.  Just call or order on line before 2:00 p.m. Pacific time, specify UPS Red Label delivery, and your cartridge can be delivered the next day.

Not sure if your plotter uses Navionics CFs?  Check our plotter compatibility directory .

Take advantage of special Navionics trade-in deals for Platinum and other Navionics cartridges.  Click for more information.

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