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The Nautilus Collection

The Nautilus Collection features handsome state-of-the art instruments that are waterproof for outstanding performance in punishing saltwater environments.  Their low glare, satin black case is constructed of solid aluminum that is color anodized and seal to prevent peeling, bubbling, or tarnish.  Their glass crystal fits in a double O-ring seal to prevent vibration or impact damage and to mitigate thermal expansion inaccuracy.  Anodized aluminum dials are laser engraved; movable markers are included outside the crystal for marking time or pressure.  All fasteners are stainless steel.

The Nautilus clock's precision quartz movement is accurate to +/- 15 seconds per month and waterproof to 100 feet.  The barometer features a unique hydrophobic filter that allows air to pass but resists water--either continuous spray or submersion to three feet for up to 30 minutes.  Both Nautilus clocks and barometers can be purchased with or without an incorporated fluid dampened inclinometer.  

Owners can remove the movement of either instrument for calibration, service, or storage by twisting its case 1/8 turn.  Then, remove the movement and leave the back plate attached.


  • Large Size--Dial:  3-3/4"; Base:  5-7/8"; Depth:  2-1/2"
Ordering Information:
122094 Nautilus Waterproof Quartz Clock $419.95
122095 Nautilus Waterproof Quartz Clock with Inclinometer $429.95
122092 Nautilus Hi-Sensitivity Barometer $419.95
122093 Nautilus Hi-Sensitivity Barometer with Inclinometer $429.95

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