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MaxSea navigation software offers friendly, intuitive operating tools as well as the flexibility to use both raster charts on CD-ROM or vector charts on cartridge or CD.  No matter where you travel, you're guaranteed to be able to display the best navigation chart available for the area.  MaxSea also links weather information to navigation for faster, safer, easier passage planning--invaluable information for the offshore sailor.


MaxSea Navigator is ideally suited for the recreational boater and supports most popular charting functions.  If you're a serious offshore racer or cruiser, add modules for Weather Routing and Sailing Performance.  

Are you a Furuno NavNet or NavNet vx2 user?  Add your computer to your network and share C-Map and Navionics cartridge data with your radar, plotters, and computer with MaxSea NavNet Commander, which also includes 3D chart rendering and ARPA and AIS target tracking capability.

Fishermen and commercial marine operators will find the best of MaxSea Commander plus generation and updating of personalized 2D and 3D charts and much more in MaxSea NavNet Explorer.


  • Directly displays Softchart, Maptech, C-Map, MapMedia and NDI/Canadian Hydrographic format charts from CD-ROM
  • Automatically plots GPS position information in real time
  • Seamless, quilted chart display
  • Full on-screen help
  • Continuous GPS position plotting
  • Displays weather routing information (obtained from the Internet)
  • Includes tide and current prediction
  • Predicts grounding times based on vessel draft and tide conditions
  • Display radar overlay information (with Commander and Explorer)
  • Share C-Map cartridge charts between radar, plotters, and computers (with Commander and Explorer)

Ordering Information

113548 MaxSea Navigator+ $479.95
113550 MaxSea NavNet Commander $1429.95
113551 MaxSea NavNet Explorer $3299.95
113541 MaxSea Weather Routing/Optimum Course Module
Uses weather forecasts and individual boat performance data (including polars) to calculate the fastest way to reach a destination.
113545 MaxSea Sailing Performance Module
Adds upwind and downwind layline display (continuously corrected for changes in tru wind direction and current) and advanced manipulation of performance data.  Predicts upcoming conditions based on the analysis and identification of trends in wind speed, wind direction, and barometric pressure.
113543 MaxSea Mobile Target Tracking Module
Displays ARPA, AIS, and fish buoy targets with vectors for each target.  Requires heading and appropriate AIS or buoy sensors.  AIS receiver required.
113542 MaxSea 2D/3D Charting Module
Compatible with Commander .  Display traditional 2D navigational charts plus 3D bathymetry to visualize ocean floor contours.
133261 MaxSea Navigator+ Update
Updates Navigator+ (any version) and modules to current version
133262 MaxSea NavNet Update
Updates NavNet Commander or Explorer (any version) and modules to current version



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