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Waypoint stocks logbooks for recreational or commercial sailors to preserve memories or document sailing hours for licensing.  We also offer specialty logs for radio operators or for fulfilling Coast Guard requirements.

Weems & Plath Logs

Each Weems & Plath Log has an attractive, embossed cover made of a heavy, flexible, waterproof material.  Spiral binding keeps pages open flat for ease in recording information.  Every log contains more than 80 pages plus quick reference pages covering various topics.  Choose from seven different types:

  • Ship's Log - a flexible, diary format with lined pages for recording ship's data and activities.  Also includes Guest Register, Vessel Specifications, and Serial Number pages as well as quick reference pages for the Rules of the Road, weather, radio procedures and more
  • Guest Log - records information about visitors and cruises; includes quick references
  • Cruising Log - provides ample space for recording information about voyages plus a guest register and quick references
  • Sportfishing Log - features an Angler's Trip Log for recording sea conditions, activity, fixes, water temperature, and catch.  Includes vessel log, guest register, and quick reference pages.
  • Maintenance Log - detailed entries list vessel specifications, spare part numbers, previous repairs, maintenance, and reference drawings.  Quick reference includes safety, rules, weather, BIA certification requirements, and more
  • Mariner's Photo Log - holds 120 standard photos in protective pockets; opposing, rope-bordered pages leave space for descriptions.

Weems & Plath Teak or Leather Log Covers

Make your Weems & Plath log special with a Teak or Leather Log Cover.  Teak models are  handmade, with a high-gloss lacquer finish and a  brass name plate that's ready for engraving.  Covers measure 13" x 10".  

Choose from four different name plates:

  • Blank
  • Marlin
  • Sailboat
  • Powerboat

Leather covers are a beautiful dark blue and include a reversible brass plate that is blank on one side for customization or engraved "Log Book" on the other. 

Weems & Plath logbook inserts are sold separately; see descriptions above.

Additional logbooks are listed below.


Ordering Information:
187879 Weems & Plath Log Books
Choose a log book before ordering

297298 Weems & Plath Teak Log Covers
Choose a name plate before ordering; log books sold separately

297299 Weems & Plath Leather Log Cover
Log books sold separately
108932 Cruise Journal
An elegant, sturdy, spiral bound journal with ruled pages for entries and the facing pages for sketches or photos.
180934 Cruising Memories
Record personal observations plus facts of a cruise.  Diary format for writing freedom with room for photos and sketches.  One of our most popular logs.
482373 International Marine Log Book
105 two-page spreads featuring morning maintenance checklist, record of times, courses, distances positions.  Red leatherette; flexible cover.
26531X Walker Common Sense Logbook
Tabbed sections for cruising log, vessel info, fuel and radio log, maintenance log, and vessel equipment inventory.  Spiral bound; green leatherette cover.  Very popular.
CG706B U. S. Coast Guard Official Logbook
Recommended document format for merchant marine vessels.  Paper-bound.
ARRL07 Radio Log
Suitable for recording marine single sideband, VHF, or Ham radio contacts.  Spiral-bound.



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