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Light Lists and Lists of Lights

They're similar but different, so don't be confused! 

U. S. Coast Guard Light Lists identify the specific location (latitude and longitude) plus characteristics of the buoys, marks, lights, radio aids, and fog signals on U. S. waterways.

 NGA Lists of Lights offer similar information for destinations outside of U. S. waters.

Both publications are release annually on a rolling schedule.

Ordering Information
117735 Light List I
Atlantic Coast, Maine to New Jersey
117736 Light List II
Atlantic Coast, New Jersey to Little River, SC
117737 Light List III
Atlantic Coast, Little River, SC to Ecofina River, FL
117738 Light List IV
Gulf of Mexico, Ecofina, FL to Rio Grande, TX
117739 Light List V
Mississippi River System
117740 Light List VI
Pacific Coast and Pacific Islands
117741 Light List VII
Great Lakes
117744 List of Lights 110
Greenland, East Coast of North and South America (excluding the continental U. S.), West Indies
117747 List of Lights 111
West Coasts of North and South America (excluding the continental U. S. and Hawaii), Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and the Islands of the North and South Pacific Ocean
117748 List of Lights 112
Western Pacific and Indian Oceans including the Persian Gulf and Red Sea
117746 List of Lights 113
West coasts of Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Sea of Azov
117743 List of Lights 114
British Isles, English Channel, and the North Sea
117745 List of Lights 115
Norway, Iceland, and the Arctic Ocean from the west coast of Iceland across the northern coast of Asia to the Bering Strait
117742 List of Lights 116
Baltic Sea with Kattegat, the Belts and Sound, and the Gulf of Bothnia
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