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Inverter Inverter

Give your laptop clean power and isolation from your 12V system with Statpower's PortaWattz 300 watt inverter.  It's just enough power for a computer and peripherals and handy for use with other AC electrical devices as well.


PortaWattz 300 Specifications
Max. Continuous Power 300 watts
Surge Capability (Peak Power) 500 watts
Optimum Efficiency approx. 90% efficient
No Load Current Draw <.0.1A
Output Waveform Modified Sine Wave, phase corrected
Input Voltage Range 10-15 VDC*
Low Voltage Alarm Yes (10.6 Volts)
Low Voltage Cut-Out Yes (10 Volts)
AC Receptacles Dual (Grounded)
Fuse 30 Amp
Weight (oz.) 1.8
Length (in.) 6.0
Width (in.) 4.7
Height (in.) 1.8

Available with North American AC receptacles only.
030300 300 Watt Inverter




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