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Imray-Iolaire Caribbean Charts

Chart coverage for the Eastern Caribbean historically has been haphazard at best--until Donald Street Jr. created the Imray-Iolaire chart series. 

In his capacity as Lloyd's of London's Caribbean insurance agent, Street extensively cruised the Caribbean using Iolaire, his 93-year-old wooden yawl, as a commuter vehicle.  With his unique knowledge of the passages, harbors, and anchorages from Puerto Rico to the Venezuelan coast, he developed a standardized series of charts that are some of the finest available anywhere.

Imray-Iolaire charts are printed in color on waterproof paper and published in two standard sizes:  25" x 35.5" and 25" x 17.75".  Extra information for the cruiser has been incorporated using official surveys, Street's own experience, and, in particular, notes and surveys regarding passages and anchorages, including details of facilities for voyagers.  Each chart has large scale inserts of important harbors and anchorages, so, often, one Imray-Iolaire chart does the work of two NGA or BA editions.

Select an eastern Caribbean region:

Click on the chart number to view a coverage graphic for each chart.   Graphics can be very large files and may take a few seconds to load, so please be patient.

Ordering Information:
121991 Imray #1--Eastern Caribbean General Chart
Plans:  Monjes del Sur
1:1,824,000 $38.95
122051 Imray A--Lesser Antilles - Puerto Rico to Martinique
Passage Chart
1:930,000 $29.95



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