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Ham Radio License Study Software

Going cruising?  One of the best things that you can do for yourself is get a Ham radio operator's license.  You'll learn to be a better radio operator--no matter what kind of radio, and a Ham license gives you access to valuable information through Net broadcasts, free worldwide radio e-mail services, and a vital, active community.  New license requirements, including a reduction in Morse Code copying speed, make it easier than ever to get your license.

W5YI and radio guru Gordon West make getting your license simple with Ham Radio License Study software.  Packages include all you need to study--software with exercises and practice tests and Morse Code study and textbooks.  Choose from four packages to cover the material you need for each license level:

  1. No-Code Ham Radio--the entry-level license.  A No-Code Technician's license gives you access to the local, line-of-site VHF amateur frequencies.  No Morse Code capability is required.  You must pass the Technician written theory exam before moving to higher-level licenses.

  2. General Upgrade--the most popular license for cruisers.  A General license permits both voice and data (e-mail and other) operations on HF radio frequencies that can reach around the world.  You must pass the Technician and General written theory exams plus a Morse Code examination at 5 words per minute to receive a General license.

  3. Ham Radio Operator--includes software and textbooks for both the Technician and General licenses.  The best value!

  4. Amateur Extra Class--join the fraternity of amateur operators who have reached the top.  The Extra license gives you access to additional frequencies as well as the ability to act as a volunteer examiner for other Hams.  You must pass the Technician, General, and Extra written theory exams plus a Morse Code examination at 5 words per minute to receive an Amateur Extra license.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • PC-compatible computer

  • 486 or newer processor

  • 8 Mb RAM

  • CD-ROM

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, or Vista

Ordering Information

121766 No-Code Technician Software (CD-ROM) $44.95
121758 General Upgrade Software (CD-ROM) $44.95
121764 Ham Radio Operator Software (CD-ROM) $84.95
121756 Extra Class Upgrade Software (CD-ROM) $44.95



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