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Gimbaled Clocks and Barometers

Weems & Plath clocks and barometers are recognized on board for outstanding precision, performance, and construction.  Now, choose a beautiful gimbaled clock or clock/ barometer combination unit for your desk or table, or a traditional box clock or chronometer.

Skipjack Clock/Barometers are housed in traditional forged brass cases that swivel 360 horizontally and vertically in a balanced integrated gimbal--just flip the housing to switch views.  The barometer is calibrated for altitudes to 3500' above sea level.

Clipper Clock/Barometers feature a larger face than the Skipjack and incorporates the same precision German movements as Weems and Plath's best marine clocks and barometers.  Bezels unscrew for calibration, cleaning, or service.  The barometer is calibrated for altitudes to 3500' above sea level.

The Schooner Clock features the largest face of any and swivels both horizontally and vertically for perfect viewing at any angle.

The Gimbaled Box Clock features a German quartz movement resting in a traditional polished brass gimbal with locking arm mounted in a mahogany-finished solid wood box.  A brass plate is provided for personalization of an elegant instrument that will displayed with pride for years to come.


  • Skipjack Dial 2-3/4", Base 5.5" (H), 3" (D)
  • Clipper Dial 3.25", Base 7" (H), 3" (D)
  • Box Clock Dial 2-3/8", Box 5-3/4" x 3-3/4"
Ordering Information:
122200 Skipjack Gimbaled Clock/Barometer $299.95
121906 Clipper Gimbaled Clock/Barometer $359.95
122011 Gimbaled Box Clock $359.95

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