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Marine Computing Hardware

Why buy computer hardware from Waypoint?

  • We've used all the hardware we sell (and much that we don't or won't!) under real-life cruising conditions.
  • We know computer hardware and software inside and out--not just how a single model or device works. We've even visited and worked with the vendors who manufacture in both the U. S. and Asia.
  • We understand integration--how computers, software, GPS, radios and more work together. When we sell a computer, accessories, and software to you, we load and integrate all applications and devices to give you a turnkey, working system--not just a pile of boxes.
  • We're your first line of support--we won't just tell you to call the manufacturer.
  • Our prices are competitive with computer superstores, and we'll only offer you a practical configuration package--not just something that makes our prices look low.
  • We also stock all the software, cruising guides, charts, chart books, and accessories you need to build a complete cruising information system. Check out our recommendations.

Computer Systems

Computer Systems

Every day, more people purchase computers for use at sea. They can help you budget or track boat maintenance. Cruisers find on-board computers useful to help manage their personal affairs from remote locations, handle customs/immigration paperwork, maintain a ship's inventory, and assist with communications, particularly e-mail. Many boaters become interested in an on-board computer system because they want to implement electronic charting or obtain weather information.  Often, their computer becomes the most versatile instrument on board.

It's simple to set up a computer system to accomplish all these activities. Waypoint has the tools for the job.


Computer Peripherals Computer Peripherals

Computer peripherals are devices such as monitors, modems, or printers that are external to a computer system but work closely with it. When you purchase peripherals with a computer from Waypoint, we set up the devices with your computer and test that they are all working properly together. There's no additional charge for the service.


Computer Accessories Computer Accessories

Sometimes it can be tough to find all the little gadgets that make using a computer on board easier and more fun. Consult our accessories section for our favorites.



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