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Computing Accessories

Looking for equipment to help turn your computer and peripherals into a complete system?  Check out these accessories--they're our picks for smoother sailing with on-board computers.

Kinetics Case Waterproof Cases

Waterproof computer cases from Pelican give your computer, sextant, camera, or other valuable equipment a rugged, waterproof, shock-resistant home. 


Inverter Inverter

Give your laptop clean power and isolation from your 12V system with Statpower's PortaWattz 300 watt inverter. It's just enough power for a computer and peripherals and handy for other AC electrical devices as well.


NoLand Multiplexer

NoLand Serial Multiplexer

Connect up to four different NMEA 0183 devices to a single serial port to add wind, depth, and other information to charting software.




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