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C-Map SD MAX Cartridges


C-MAP SD MAX Cartridge

C-Map SD MAX cartridges bring electronic charts to life. See nav-aids on the screen exactly as they appear through your pilothouse window. Get at-a-glimpse information about current strength and direction. Even view an aerial photograph of an unfamiliar inlet before you enter. SD MAX gracefully combines unparalleled levels of chart accuracy and detail, striking presentations and a huge collection of new value added data including:
  • Aerial photos
  • Animated nav-aids that flash with their correct pattern
  • 3-D perspective view
  • Land elevations
  • Interactive current arrow and tide displays
  • Coastal area road maps
  • Marina and port plans

C-Map SD MAX Precision Cartridges offer the highest detail charts available from general passage and approach charts to large-scale harbor plans.  Ideal for inshore navigation, they come in four sizes:

  • Wide+ regions offer coverage of coasts and harbors
  • Mega regions cover a huge collection of coasts and harbors
  • Coastal regions cover either the entire Pacific or Atlantic Coasts of the U. S. and Canada
  • Continental regions cover the coastlines of entire countries

Bathymetric and Fishing cartridges also cover large areas with ocean floor details that are useful for diving and fishing.

C-Map SD MAX  cartridges for any location worldwide are available for same day shipment.  Just call or e-mail your order before 2:00 p.m. Pacific time, specify UPS Red Label delivery, and your cartridge can be delivered the next day.

Not sure if your plotter uses C-Map SD MAX ?  Check our plotter compatibility directory .

Turn your home computer into the perfect navigational planning tool with C-Map PC Planner.  It's software plus a card reader that allows you to display charts from your C-Map SD MAX cartridges on screen and to select and save waypoints to memory cards that are available for many plotters.

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