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Chart Lights, Chart Cases, and Navigation Tool Storage

Chart Light, 
Commercial Grade Chart Light, 
and Chart Tube


Chart Light

This flexible gooseneck lamp is perfect for many locations--not just the chart table!  We use one at home to light our ham radio "shack".

Halogen lighting efficiently produces crisp, bright white light that can be concentrated in a tightly controlled pattern aimed just where you need it..  Use a red slide on the lens for night vision.  12 V operation; optional AC transformer.


Commercial-Grade Chart Light

This may be the most durable and versatile chart utility light available featuring:

  • Dimmer control from off to fully bright
  • Focus control from flood to spot
  • Momentary switch for maximum brightness
  • Red or white light lever control
  • Fully- adjustable to any position vertically or horizontally
  • Push button release from base for handheld use
  • 5 foot retractable coiled cord
  • Mounts vertically, horizontally, or inverted
  • Made from lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy


Weems & Plath Telescoping Chart Case

It's not just a chart tube--it's a chart case.  The reinforced rib design provides strength and the twist lock telescoping function easily adjusts to accommodate charts from 24" to 47" in length.  3" diameter offers ample storage space.  Each case has an adjustable shoulder strap and threaded cap.



Chart Weights

This navigator's paper weight is the perfect addition to any nav station or desk.  It's a heavy brushed and lacquered brass or nickel that won't tarnish or show fingerprints and contains a working liquid-filled compass,  thermometer, magnifier, or clock.  It's suitable for engraving to become a great keepsake and includes a velour pouch.


Weems & Plath NaviTote

Roll it, fold it, or hang it:  the NaviTote will keep your navigation tools in good order for years.  It's made from rugged Tough Duck, a PVC-backed polyester duck fabric, for added strength and durability with reinforced pockets and stronger hanging grommets.  Designed with the help of the U. S. Navy, it's built to meet the demands of everyday use on patrol vessels.


Magnabrite Chart Magnifier

You won't believe how well it works until you try it!  Magnabrite's Chart Magnifier collects ambient light and focuses it on the area that you want to see.  4X magnification then allows you to read the fine print.

2.5" diameter, 1.75" high; includes velvet storage pouch.  Add a coiled tether to keep it from rolling away.

Ordering Information:
CHTWT Chart Weight (select)
  • Brass with Compass
  • Nickel with Compass
  • Brass with Magnifier
  • Nickel with Magnifier
  • Brass with Thermometer
  • Nickel with Thermometer
  • Brass with Clock (add $5)
  • Nickel with Clock (add $12)

122030 Gooseneck High Intensity Chart Light $103.95
121796 AC Power Transformer for 122030 $29.95
121910 Commercial Chartlite, 12V $269.95
121911 Commercial Chartlite, 24V $269.95
122246 Telescoping Chart Case $24.95
122098 NaviTote $22.95
121753 Magnabrite Chart Magnifier $21.95
121754 Magnabrite Magnifier Tether $4.95

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