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Navigation Computers

Commercial and recreational mariners agree:  a navigation computer makes sight reduction calculations simpler and more reliable.  They're ideal for cramped spaces where juggling forms, tables, and almanacs makes navigation a chore.

The Celesticomp V is discontinued.


The StarPilot navigation computer offers a hand-held solution to ocean navigation that is more advanced than many computer programs.  Functions include:

  • Celestial sight reductions of all bodies (almanac accurate to 2100)
  • Mathematical and graphical solutions for position fixes
  • Great circle and rhumb line course calculations
  • Traverse and composite sailings
  • Current sailing
  • Piloting solutions
  • Lunar distance method of finding GMT
  • DR functions integrated with celestial functions
  • Sight reduction planner to plot full sky 

StarPilot uses a TI-89 graphing calculator.  If you already own a TI-89, software and upload packages are also available.  A personal computer and PC link kit are required to transfer the StarPilot software.

Packages include an illustrated user's guide with practice exercises and an emergency navigation booklet. 


Ordering Information
114433 StarPilot 89
Includes TI-89 calculator and software
114431 StarPilot--Software Only
For users who already own a TI-86 or 89 Calculator.  Includes software CD-ROM and users guide.  Requires PC-Link or USB Connectivity Kit
018650 StarPilot Protective Waterproof Case $24.95



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