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AIS Receivers

Picture a shipboard display that includes a mark for every ship within VHF range.  This information can be yours with an inexpensive Smart Radio AIS Receiver (added to your navigation software or compatible GPS or Radar Chart Plotter) or a Si-tex AIS Radar standalone unit.  Add a display to any AIS receiver with the AISWatchMate.

Smart Radio AIS Receivers

The Smart Radio AIS Receivers are compact, easy to install, stand alone marine receivers that monitor the channels assigned to the Automatic Identification System or AIS. These radio receivers are specially built for marine environments for the intended use of deciphering Automatic Identification System data. Most commercial vessels are required to have an AIS transponder that transmits information about the vessel and its movements. The system is designed to assist vessels with identifying the traffic around them and to help with marine safety and collision avoidance.

Smart Radios come in two versions:  a low cost, single channel scanning receiver designed for recreational vessels and a full time dual channel receiver designed for recreational and professional use.

  • High-sensitivity AIS data reception
  • Line of sight reception similar to marine VHF reception distances
  • Very low power consumption
  • Receives AIS Class A & B vessel reports
  • Sends information to a PC or chart-plotter via a serial interface
  • Ability to track and display information on multiple targets
  • Easy installation: connect a VHF antenna (not included), 12 volt DC power and a serial cable to your PC
  • Can an be used to consolidate incoming NMEA positional data from a GPS into a combined high-speed data stream on a single serial port with optional AIS/GPS cable
  • Dual AIS channel support


Add a display and simple user control to your AIS receiver or transponder.  Whether you're voyaging near or far, the AISWatchMate is the ideal partner for maximizing the benefits of AIS. Compatible with most "black box" receivers or transponders, it provides a graphical situation display of targets, filters to manage data and prevent false alarms, and prioritized display of data so that you get the most critical information first--all in a waterproof package with low power consumption.  Features include:

  • Adjustable daylight viewable backlit 125mm (5") LCD.
  • Simple 4-button control with on-screen help.
  • A radar-like "heading up" display of all vessels within the selected range.
  • Shows the relative position of a target to your vessel at the closest point of approach and indicates whether a target will pass ahead or behind.
  • Vessels and alarms are presented in priority order.
  • Vessels can be filtered from either display or alarms.
  • Internal alarms sound for close approaches or guard ranges.  An external buzzer, alarm, or light can be interfaced without requiring additional relays.
  • Typically uses less than 100 mA at 12V.
  • Watertight (USCG CFR-46, IP67).
  • Includes mounting bracket and screws, flush mounting template and gasket, power/data cable, protective cover, and installation instructions.

AIS Radar

The Si-tex AIS Radar receives transmissions from vessels carrying AIS transponders and displays information from up to 30 targets on a 5" monochrome LCD screen with a radar-like display.

  • Any vessel on the screen can be selected to display vessel's MMSI number, name, course over ground, speed over ground, range, latitude and longitude
  • Each vessel is independently labeled so the user can see if a vessel is underway, at anchor, fishing etc. This information is sent continuously and is useful in navigating, traffic monitoring, and collision avoidance
  • Zoom feature allows 6 ranges to be selected: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 NM
  • An alarm can be selected to give an audible warning if a vessel enters a preset range ring
  • Dual channel--161.975 and 162.02 MHz--operation
  • Ability to track and display information on up to 30 targets
  • Accepts position information from an onboard GPS (optional) to display user at the center of the screen and all other AIS transponding vessels displayed with relative bearing and range
  • Easy installation: connect a VHF antenna (not included) and 12 volt DC power
  • Case Size:  6"W x 4 1/2"H x 1 5/8"D
  • No NMEA/computer connectivity


Complete your system with our AIS Antenna Package.  It's everything you need to complete your installation--antenna, cable and connectors, bracket, and instructions in one easy-to-install package.

System Requirements:

  • Marine Navigation Software or GPS/Radar Chart Plotter

  • Available serial port (USB to serial adapters supported

  • VHF antenna

  • VHF cable

Unfamiliar with AIS?  Check our tech note for help.

Ordering Information:
133259 AIS-Radar $699.95
128801 Smart Radio Single Channel AIS Receiver $189.95
128073 Smart Radio Dual Channel AIS Receiver $439.95
136125 AISWatchMate $499.95
137393 AISWatchMate + Smart Radio Bundle
Includes 136125 and 128801
128802 AIS Antenna Package $179.95
133260 AIS/GPS Cable $29.95
103978 USB to Serial Adapter, 1 port ( PC:  Win 98/Win 2000/Win ME/Win XP; Mac: OS 8.6 or greater/OSX v 10.1.3 or greater; Linux 2.4.18 or greater; Win CE 3.0) $49.95
103977 USB to Serial Adapter, 4 port ( PC:  Win 98/Win 2000/Win ME/Win XP; Mac: OS 8.6 or greater/OSX v 10.1.3 or greater; Linux 2.4.18 or greater; Win CE 3.0) $199.95

AIS display is compatible with the following marine navigation software packages:

Other packages may be supported as are select radar plotters and GPS plotters.  Check with their manufacturer for compatibility.



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